Hello, I'm Rik Castillo, creator of Ricote Records. First of all I would like to thank you for visiting our website and supporting our musical community.

One of the purposes that led me to create this website was to keep the community of musicians of the world united, regardless of musical genres and cultural diversities. Music is freedom, creativity, diversity and humanity, and the complete understanding of it is an indispensable task to perform by anyone who dedicates his/her time to the music creation.

Our interest is to cultivate the creativity and musical development of anyone who decides to accompany us on this long journey. We offer lessons, backing tracks, articles and debates related to music and its development.

At Ricote Records You can also find post-production services such as Mixing and Mastering tracks, Tuning vocals, session musicians, beats creation, as well as composition of original pieces for any individual projects!

Musical overproduction is a very common phenomenon in our time. Many artists are limited in the post production process due to monetary circumstances and this phenomenon generates, almost always, a decrease in the process of musical creation. Being limited to finish a production, the artist usually stagnates and stops generating new material, because these can not be produced immediately. This phenomenon unfortunately affects the entire musical community. Here, at Ricote Records, we keep the prices affordable and offer a high quality service.

Music marketing has been constantly changing. In the last decade, the musician has disengaged himself from the industry, at least, in the first stage of his career. While a music producer was once fascinated by the musical talent of an individual, now this fascination is given by the ability of this artist to maintain a stable network of followers. Therefore, the modern musician must become an "influencer" first, and then, a famous artist. Here at Ricote Records, we offer various resources to keep music production alive.

In our hands rest the possibility that the new generation of artists have a broad musical knowledge, and will not deteriorate, through misinformation, all the beauty that music, from jazz to pop, has to offer. By learning from the recordings of Miles Davis, John Coltrane, Pat Martino, Charlie Parker, Wes Montgomery, Arturo Sandoval, Gonzalo Rubalcaba, Russell Malone and many others you will be able to decipher the most complex musical production of recent times. thus, you will be ready to offer high quality music conceptually and culturally speaking!

I hope you can take advantage of this work that we are doing and we thank you immensely if you share any information you consider relevant from our site with your friends!

Before concluding I would like to send you my best wishes. May the virtue of musical creation generate in you the ability to see beauty in everything that surrounds you.

Best wishes for now,

Rik Castillo

The beautiful is what lasts, and the music is forever throbbing in space
— Jose Martí



Rik castillo


Rik Castillo